About OpenRecords

OpenRecords is a quick, simple way for you to submit a public records request to a New York City Agency.

Most information on this site is public. Your contact information, and most personal information that may be contained in government documents will not be made available to the public.

What is OpenRecords?

OpenRecords is a quick, simple way for individuals to submit Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests to a NYC agency. The web application also allows government employees to manage, respond to, and fulfill incoming requests. By providing more information about records requests, members of the public may find what they need without having to create a new public record request.

Why aren't all documents uploaded on OpenRecords?

City agencies will not publicly release records or information that violates your right to privacy. City agencies will not make records available that have been exempted from disclosure by Federal, State, or Local statute, including records that would impair contract awards or collective bargaining negotiations, are trade secrets, or are compiled for law enforcement purposes and if disclosed would interfere with investigations or judicial proceedings, deprive a person to a fair trial, identify a confidential source, reveal investigative techniques, or endanger a person's life. Records such as reports and data will be posted to the portal 20 business days after they are sent directly to the requester.

History of OpenRecords

In 2014, the Department of Records and Information Services and the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications began working with open source code developed by Code for America to build a portal for Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests. The resulting FOIL portal allows members of the public to easily submit a request for government records to City agencies and offices. Agency users can use automated scripts to respond and to provide information about the timeframe to fulfill requests and to post the responsive record on the portal unless it contains personal privacy information. As of March 2024, there are 55 New York City agencies and offices using the OpenRecords portal.

Harvard Ash Center Bright Ideas Award 2017

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